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Countertop Refinishing & Resurfacing in Honolulu, HI

Save up to 80% off of counter replacement with Countertop Refinishing. You don’t have to replace your counter to give your kitchen or bathroom that refreshing new look. Instead, come to Island Transformations for counter-top resurfacing. As a trusted and established counter-top remodeling company in Honolulu, HI, we have the tools and skills to breathe new life into your counters, no matter their current condition.

Island Transformations is a team of refinishing professionals with over two decades of glazing and painting experience.

Stone-Fleck Finishing Options

Island Transformations is a team of refinishing professionals with over two decades of glazing and painting experience.

Outstanding Workmanship and Excellent Service

You may be thinking about replacing kitchen and bathroom counter-tops as part of an upcoming home renovation project. Spare yourself the time and effort by opting for Stone-Flecks™ counter-top refinishing solutions. If you’re wondering why you should go for the refinished look, consider the benefits you can get from this specialized service.

4 Reasons to Choose Stone-Flecks Countertop Refinishing

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Getting your current countertops refinished is more economical than investing in new ones. Switching to a Stone-Flecks finish gives them a completely revamped look without additional installation costs. Additionally, the process yields fast results, allowing you to use your new counters quickly.

2. Aesthetics

The ability to replicate stone’s look on a variety of materials is a standout feature of this resurfacing technique. The method leaves behind tiny flecks that are characteristic of stone surfaces. Count on receiving elegant and sophisticated results when you invest in this refinishing option.

3. Durability

Stone-Flecks solutions not only enhance the surface’s appearance, but they also reinforce it and extend its life. Its non-porous nature protects countertop materials from moisture damage, preventing bacteria and mold growth and making it safer for everyday use. This unique quality makes it perfect for the kitchen or bathroom and sets it apart from conventional grout and tiles, which are susceptible to moisture exposure. Investing in this technique also boosts your countertop’s resistance to scrapes and acid stains.

4. Easy Maintenance

As a bonus, it’s simple to maintain your Stone-Flecks surface. Typically, all it takes is a cloth and soapy water to clean up any messes and preserve the material’s original sheen.

Opting for Stone-Flecks counter-top refinishing is an affordable alternative to full-fledged reinstallation. For the best resurfacing options and services, turn to the experts at Island Transformations. Operating in Honolulu, HI, for more than 20 years, the team will make your counter-tops look beautiful and last longer with their eco-friendly products.

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